June 18, 2024
carpet cleaner solution

Carpet Cleaning Solution

It may seem obvious but having the right carpet cleaner solution is key to achieving great result when carpet cleaning. But they are all the same, right? Does it really matter what solution you use? Do You have to use Bissell carpet cleaner solution in a Bissell carpet cleaner? Let’s explore this potential minefield to see what is recommended for the best carpet cleaning results.

carpet cleaner solution

The Right Carpet Cleaning Solution

Before you look at the vast amount of cleaners on offer. You need to think about what you want to achieve. So you start at the beginning. Of course you want to clean your carpets. But why? Do they just need to freshen up. Do you have stains on the carpets. If so what kind? Do you have food stains, coffee or tea spills? Has someone been sick? Have your pets had an accident?

Once you have decided what you want to achieve. You can then find the best carpet cleaner solution to give you the desired results. There are different types of cleaners you can use. Carpet cleaning does not necessarily mean professionals with big machines.

Spray, Foam, Dry Or Spot

If you are looking to clean a large area then you will need to look at using a carpet cleaning machine. In this instance you can get a carpet cleaning solution that is diluted with water. This goes directly into the machine. But if you have a small stain that you need to tackle. One of these can help to remove the stain quickly.

1 Spray

A spray carpet cleaner will come in a bottle with a spray trigger. Normally they come in sizes from 500ml to 750ml. But they came in either smaller or larger sizes. 500ml is enough for the average size stain. The great thing about these is you can target the stain directly and accurately. This makes them a very effective way to clean.

2 Foam

A foam carpet cleaner is pretty much the same as a spray. It will come in the same sizes and is primarily used for the same reason as a spray. To tackle a small stain on the carpet quickly and effectively. Foam carpet cleaner can be used for a larger area than a spray carpet cleaner. Unlike a spray carpet cleaner, it is not as targeted as the foaming action will make it expand. However, it is this foaming action that helps to breakdown the carpet stain.

Both a spray carpet cleaner and a foam carpet cleaner are great to have on hand for when those disasters happen. At best they will remove the stain completely. At worse they can dramatically reduce the stain until you are able to use a carpet cleaning machine.

3 Dry

Surprise surprise, a dry carpet cleaner is made up of a powder. Just like a spray carpet cleaner and a foam carpet cleaner, a dry carpet cleaner is applied direct to the carpet. The main difference is what happens next. Once a spray of foam carpet cleaner is applied you would need to agitate the stain. Either with a clean cloth using a blotting motion or a brush.

With a dry carpet cleaner, once applied, you will need to leave it for a period of time. The powder will work itself down to the bottom of the pile and then cling to dirt and odours. You will then need to extract it. This is simply done by vacuuming. The advantage of a dry carpet cleaner is you can clean a larger area. So whilst a dry carpet cleaner is good for a small stain. It is more suited if you wanted to freshen up you whole room.

Aways Read Those Instructions

As with any carpet cleaning solution always read the manufactures instruction. Some carpet cleaning solutions will need to be diluted. Some will be ready to use. The instructions will advise the best way to apply to get the best results. If you are unsure you can always test the carpet cleaning solution in an area that is hidden to make sure it does not damage the carpet.

4 Spot

Spot? What do we mean by Spot? it has nothing to do with acne. Spot cleaning a carpet is simply cleaning a spot on the carpet. If your carpet is clean and you have just has a spill of some kind. You can clean that spot. This is when a carpet cleaner spray and a foam carpet cleaner is especially useful. A little word of caution though. If you carpet is generally grubby but you only want to spot clean the latest spill. You will leave a clean spot which may highlight the rest of the carpet.

Best Carpet Cleaner Solution For Pets

If you have a pet you’ll know how much joy they can bring into your life. They are every bit a part of the family. Along with all of the unconditional love they bring. They also bring the joy of the little surprises they leave behind. Because not how matter well behaved they are, accidents will happen. And when they do you will want the best carpet cleaner solution for pets on hand.

Just like a spray and foam carpet cleaner, a pet carpet cleaner comes in a trigger spray. So you can spray direct onto the area. Pet carpet cleaner solution will also come in larger containers. These can be used in conjunction with a machine which makes it easier if you need to clean the whole room. Can you just use a normal carpet cleaner solution? Yes and no. If you have nothing at hand then a regular carpet cleaner is better than nothing. However ideally you should use a cleaner that is pets. These cleaners will have added ingredients that will specifically remove pet stains on odours. Pet pee can be more damaging than pet poo. A good pet carpet cleaner solution will tackle this. Especially pet pee. It will remove the stains and odours a normal carpet cleaner solution cannot.

The best thing you can do when your pet has an accident is tackle it straight away. The longer it is left the harder it is to clean and deodorise. So have a good pet carpet cleaning solution on hand. It will save you money in the long run.

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