June 16, 2024

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens are, without a doubt, the hardest working room in your home. Some would say it is the heart of the home. It is the most use. It will get the messiest and with all the cooking, frying and baking. It will be the hardest to clean. That is why we have a whole section just for kitchen cleaning.

kitchen cleaning from Eezie Cleaning

Some people will spend days cleaning their kitchen. Others will spend only a couple of hours. But what do you clean first? Is it the fridge freezer or the oven. How often Should I be cleaning? Everyday or once a week?

You can see how some people get so overwhelmed they don’t even bother. They hope the cleaning fairies will come along and do it for them. We break down kitchen cleaning into easy manageable chunks. We’ll look at how to clean each appliance in turn. Including how to clean a washing machine and the best dishwasher cleaner. How to organise a schedule so you are not trying to do everything at once.

Also exploring the differences between a quick regular clean and a good deep clean. The kind that is often needed when moving property. With techniques that are used by the experts we will show you the most time efficient way to clean.

The best products to use will also be explored. So you can choose to use either a well know brand. Or a home made cleaner which could save you money.

In no time at all you will have mastered the art of kitchen cleaning. Leaving your friends and family how on earth you manage to keep you kitchen so spotless.