June 17, 2024
remove nail polish from carpet

How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpet

How can such a tiny bottle with such a small amount of liquid make such a mess? For those of you who have spilt nail polish on a carpet. This maybe a question that eludes you. The next questions would be, how do to remove nail polish from carpet?

When disaster strikes

screaming because dropping nail varnish on carpet

When the inevitable happens. And if you use nail polish or live with someone who does, you know it will happen, don’t panic.

The most obvious thing to do is to grab a cloth and start scrubbing the the carpet like your life depends upon it. But wait, you don’t want to scrub. This will only make matters worse. As we said, don’t panic. You can remove nail polish from your carpet and we will show you how.

How Old Is The Nail Polish?

What we are really asking is, is the nail polish wet or dry. Has it just happened and now you are in a bit a frenzy? Or is it a surprise that you have stumbled across?

Only just happened so it is wet. That is a good start. The longer nail polish is left the harder it is to remove from your carpet. Start blotting with a paper towel. Keep going until all of the excess has been removed.

If the nail polish is dry. Scrap of as much as you can. Do not pull or dig into the carpet. You don’t want to cause any damage. Use a blunt knife (butter knife or something similar) to scrap at the dried nail polish and remove as much as you can.

Now For Removing The Nail Polish From The Carpet

removing nail polish from carpet
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Firstly wet the nail polish with cold water. Use hairspray, a good amount, to cover the stain. Now add a couple of splashes of rubbing alcohol. This is a good foundation for removing nail polish.

With a tooth brush give the area a good scrub. Use the tooth brush to make circular motions. This way you contain the stain and not spread it around. As you scrub use cold water to pour on any stain spots.

Next you will need some non-acetone nail polish remover. Make sure this is clear. Some come in different colours and these will only add to the problem. Pour this on the stain and use the tooth brush to work it in. Use a white cloth and blot the stain until it is removed. Remember blot, do not rub. Keep switching sides on the cloth so you are always use a fresh part. This is important because if you don’t you will start to spread the nail polish stain. With wet and dry vacuum remove any excess liquid.

Be Patient

Removing nail polish from carpet can be tricky. Especially is the nail polish is old. You may have to repeat the process a couple of time to remove everything and ensure the stain is gone. The key to the process it to do it little and often. When you are adding the cold water, rubbing alcohol and non-acetone nail polish remover. Use enough to break down the stain but do not saturate the area. It is far better to repeat this process a couple of times then end up with a sodden mess.

Is The Carpet Light Or Dark?

dark coloured carpet

The darker the carpet the more is there is of bleaching the colour. If the carpet is dark, instead of using hairspray use rubbing alcohol. This will reduce the risk of bleaching.

If you have light coloured carpet make sure the non-acetone remover is light. As previously stated, a coloured non-acetone nail polish remover can do more harm than good.

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